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i-Tech e-Services' SMT System is capable of producing high-mix, low- to mid-volumes of PCB assemblies. We have 3 complete SMT lines with MYDATA, Juki KE 3020 pick-and-place systems, and Pmax printer.

The MYCRONIC-MYDATA systems won the 2012 SMT China VISION Award in the category of Assembly Tools, with criteria based on the ability of SMT equipment to reduce cost, improve quality, increase efficiency, enhance reliability, ensure safety, and protect the environment.

The KE3020 is Juki’s latest leading-edge technology for improved flexibility and production quality. It supports both electronic and mechanical tape feeders, and can handle boards up to 22″ x 24″.

The Pmax printer is one of only that is capable of printing boards up to 59.
With these systems, i-Tech e-Services is able to mount, solder, load, and clean PCBs with an extremely high degree of efficiency and quality.


Send us your Gerber or any other CAM/CAD file and we'll build, test, and rework your prototype until you give the go-signal for us to manufacture your product.

The highly flexible Micronic-Mydata SMT system at our Norcross facility is able to mount, solder, load, and clean PCBs with an extremely high degree of efficiency and quality.


Based on your product specifications and ship-by date, we'll schedule and manage production, source supplies and materials, deploy manpower, conduct quality control, pack, and ship products to your designated locations.

We manufacture harnesses and other custom parts in-house that may be needed for production, especially for short-run volumes where turnaround time is critical.


If your business requires shipping and placement of equipment and other products at your customer's single or multiple locations, we provide the necessary planning, coordination, and deployment of the equipment and products with your customers.

This service includes status reports for your monitoring purposes.

Maintenance and Repair

i-Tech e-Services will send a replacement for a defective unit so your customer doesn't suffer any downtime. Meanwhile, we'll pick-up and repair the defective unit to keep in inventory.

You can be the customer's first point-of-contact, or that can be us. Our clients like i-Tech e-Services to be first responders while they are kept abreast with status reports.

A web-based customer portal is available for you to track repair status and inventory.

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Product Defect Reporting

Products repaired by us will generate a defect report for your Design and Engineering department for possible re-engineering work. Providing clear communication and reporting to allow for better end user products and more concise modification to achieve the desired final result.

Standards · Certifications · Quality Assurance