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Meet Racheal and Phillip Tran

i-Tech Staffing / i-Tech E-Services

Our Story: We are comprised of two companies. i-Tech Staffing recruits, trains and places contract workers for the customer's staffing needs. i-Tech e-Services is an outsourcing partner that provides electronic and electro-mechanical assembly and the diagnoses/repair of PCBs, custom cables, wiring harnesses, racks/panels and control cabinets.

How We Help: We deliver in-house quality with an outsourced advantage by allowing clients to be more flexible with business fluctuations, helping clients focus on core competencies and ensuring qualified employees for each client.

Problems We Solve: When companies experience cycles of downturn, i-Tech Staffing provides flexibility without compromising quality. On a company's upswing, e-Services is able to accommodate large scale sourcing project in our facility.

Results We Deliver: Our reputation is based on trust, dependability, quality and on time delivery, which is vigorously managed through continuous employee training and skill enhancement. We do the work, so that clients can rest easy.

What Makes Us Unique: I have always said, at the end of the day, its about the people. We are committed to the well-being and happines of our staffing and clients. We host various training and self-improvement opportunities for employees and families.

What's Next: Electronics are quickly changing and e-Services intends to prepare its workforce for the evolution of technology, whereas i-Tech Staffing strives to continually nurture relationships with candidates and clients.

Phone: 770-234-9119 Fax: 770-234-9849 4020 Steve Reynolds Boulevard Norcross, GA 30093


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