Who We Are
The i-Tech Group of Companies was started by the determination of people with meager resources to work hard when given the opportunity. One day in 1997, our family matriarch, Mrs. Ho, happened to meet people looking for work in Doraville, GA. She asked them if they'll work for her if she started a business, and they all said they would. Thus was born the i-Tech Staffing Services and shortly later, i-Tech e-Services. Today, we are a contract manufacturer certified as AS9100D and ISO 13845 and Underwriter's Laboratories compliant, serving both small and large businesses like Panasonic USA and Georgia Pacific. For its service to the business community, the i-Tech group was given “The Most Valuable Provider” award by Partnership Gwinnett/Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce in 2014. We are grateful to the employees, clients, suppliers, and all who have helped i-Tech become a contributor to the society it serves. In carrying out the business of i-Tech e-Services, we are guided by the following guidelines and principles.
We are committed to helping our customers achieve leadership in their marketplace. We wholeheartedly invest our time and resources in Research & Development, pro-active communication, constant attention to quality, and consistent on-time delivery.
A world where manufacturers are able to:
- innovate faster,
- be more profitable, and
- delight more customers
and where i-Tech e-Services, guided by Christian values, serves as an inspiration for doing business.
Our Values
We believe in the universal goodness of Christian teaching, thus believing that:
No problem is insurmountable.
All people – customers, vendors, employees and families – must be treated with dignity and respect.
Creativity and integrity naturally occur in business.

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